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Leasing Options


Short-Term Program

Searching for a solution to your short-term network infrastructure equipment needs?

Nettech, Corp. has the answer. From trade-shows to disaster recovery to data center relocation, our short-term leasing program is designed to be fast and flexible, accommodating a variety of needs. Short-term leasing of hardware is the ideal cost solution for short-term projects, saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars versus buying.

We lease Cisco, Foundry, Extreme, Juniper, and other major manufacturers hardware. Not sure what equipment you need call one of our certified sales people and we can help you define what you need for your temporary setup.

Top reasons companies choose to short-term lease Network Equipment:

Trade Show and Conference Infrastructure Setup

 Data Center Repositioning

 Disaster Recovery

 Network Testing

 Continuity Testing

 Network Training Seminars & Simulations

Long-Term Program

Nettech also has long term leasing options that will allow for different benefits from our short term program.

Benefits of long-term leasing programs:

 Conserve business capital - no upfront cost to you

✓ Allows for clear asset life cycle and budget terms.

 Eliminates the risk of owning End-of-life or obsolete equipment

✓ Allows for possible corporate tax benefits and write-offs

All Leased Equipment comes per-configured with the requested modules, software and memory configuration prior to arrival at your site. Post delivery tech support is available form our certified engineers via telephone to answer any technical questions that may arise.

To Request a Quote or you need further information about our leasing programs. Please do call or email us anytime 

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