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Cisco ASR1000-ESP40Cisco ASR1000 Embedded Services Processor, 40G
Cisco ASR 1000 Embedded Services Processor 40Gbps ...
Part No: ASR1000-ESP40-RF
Cisco Systems
Cisco ASR1002-FCisco ASR1002-F Router With Dual AC, 4GbE SFP Ports + Expansion Slot, 4GB Dram
The Cisco ASR 1002-F Router is one of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers. The Cisco ASR 1002-F Router supports all the general-purpose routing and security features of the Cisco ASR 1002 Router, and uses the same internal control and data-plane architecture as Cisco ASR 1002 Router. The Cisco ASR 1002-F Router supports: The same features and components as the Cisco ASR ...
Part No: ASR1002-F-RF