$$139.95Cisco Systems \ Switches \ 3750/3750G Series SwitchWS-C3750-24PS-S
WS-C3750-24PS-S 24-port 10/100Base-T POECisco WS-C3750-24PS-S (IP Base IOS) 24-port 10/1000Base-T POE 2-port 1000BaseX (SFP) Catalyst Switch
WS-C3750-24PS-S Overview - 24 Ethernet 10/100 ports with IEEE 802.3af and Cisco prestandard PoE
Cisco SystemsWS-C3750-24PS-S POE 24-port Switch

Cisco Systems

WS-C3750-24PS-S 24-port 10/100Base-T POE

Cisco WS-C3750-24PS-S (IP Base IOS) 24-port 10/1000Base-T POE 2-port 1000BaseX (SFP) Catalyst Switch

Item #: WS-C3750-24PS-S-RF

Mfg Part #: WS-C3750-24PS-S

Cisco Systems
Item #
Mfg Part #
Dimensions (L/W/H)
18 lbs

WS-C3750-24PS-S Overview

- 24 Ethernet 10/100 ports with IEEE 802.3af and Cisco prestandard PoE
- 2 SFP-based Gigabit Ethernet ports
- 32-Gbps, high-speed stacking bus
- Innovative stacking technology
- 1 RU stackable, multilayer switch
- Enterprise-class intelligent services delivered to the network edge
- IP Base software feature set (IPB)

Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24PS WS-C3750-24PS-S - 24-Ethenet 10/100Base-T Ports With IEEE 802.3Af And Cisco Prestandard Poe And Two 1000Base-SX Sfp Uplink Ports

The Cisco Systems Catalyst 3750 Series Switches  Are Innovative Switches That Improve Lan Operating Efficiency By Combining Industry-Leading Ease Of Use And High Resiliency For Stackable Switches. This Product Series Features Cisco Stackwise Technology, A 32-Gbps Stack Interconnect That Allows Customers To Build A Unified, Highly Resilient Switching System, One Switch At A Time.

For midsized organizations and enterprise branch offices, the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series eases deployment of converged applications and adapts to changing business needs by providing configuration flexibility, support for converged network patterns, and automation of intelligent network services configurations. In addition, the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series is optimized for high-density Gigabit Ethernet deployments and includes a diverse range of switches that meet access, aggregation, or small-network backbone-connectivity requirements.

Cisco StackWise Technology offers Stackable Resiliency

Cisco StackWise technology is a stacking architecture optimized for Gigabit Ethernet. This technology is designed to respond to additions, deletions, and redeployment while maintaining constant performance. Cisco StackWise technology unites up to nine individual switches into a single logical unit, using special stack-interconnect cables and stacking software. The individual switches can be any combination of Cisco Catalyst 3750 and Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series Switches. The stack behaves as a single switching unit that is managed by a master switch, elected from one of the member switches. The master switch automatically creates and updates all the switching and optional routing tables. A working stack can accept new members or delete old ones without service interruption.

Cisco EnergyWise Technology

Cisco EnergyWise is an innovative architecture, added to the Cisco Catalyst 3750 switches, promoting companywide sustainability by reducing energy consumption across an entire corporate infrastructure and affecting more than 50 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions created by worldwide building infrastructure, a much greater effect than the 2 percent generated by the IT industry. Cisco EnergyWise enables companies to measure the power consumption of network infrastructure and network-attached devices and manage power consumption with specific policies, reducing power consumption to realize increased cost savings, potentially affecting any powered device.

EnergyWise encompasses a highly intelligent network-based approach to communicate messages that measure and control energy between network devices and endpoints. The network discovers Cisco EnergyWise manageable devices, monitors their power consumption, and takes action based on business rules to reduce power consumption. EnergyWise uses a unique domain-naming system to query and summarize information from large sets of devices, making it simpler than traditional network management capabilities. Cisco EnergyWise’s management interfaces allow facilities and network management applications to communicate with endpoints and each other using the network as a unifying fabric. The management interface uses standard SNMP or SSL to integrate Cisco and third-party management systems.

Cisco EnergyWise extends the network as a platform for the power control plane for gathering, managing, and reducing power consumption of all devices, resulting in companywide optimized power delivery and reduced energy costs. WS-C3750-24PS-S

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